As a producer, I keep a stable of instruments and amplifiers at my studio for artists and for myself to use, and I need them to be ready to go, in great shape at all times. For the past five years, I’ve trusted Joel Amsden to maintain all my guitars and amplifiers. He is meticulous in his craft, attentive to what I’m looking for, and wonderfully personable to make it a great, collaborative, custom experience.

One day at his shop, Joel plugged me into a then unfinished prototype of a 50-watt high-gain head he was working on. I effectively handed him a blank check and insisted that I had that amp. It is just that good.

—Jonathan Wyman

I’m writing to tell others that Kennebec Instrument & Amplifier will be the only place I take my equipment to be worked on. Joel just refinished the back of the neck on my custom Les Paul, and I was terrified to have it done. This is by far my favorite guitar I have ever owned. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Joel is up front, knowledgeable, meticulous, and, more importantly, passionate about what he does. So thank you again, Joel, and I can’t wait for the Soma line of amps!

—Jason Arsenault

First-class and terrific work at a fair price. Joel just put a new neck on my Fender EJ which looks great and plays like a dream. Previously, he’d done some mods to my Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue and got it pretty close to the original ’63 sound without a huge expense. You won’t go wrong.

—David K. DuVal

I was referred to Kennebec Instrument & Amplifier by a local music shop. Though I prefer doing business locally, I wanted to check out the shop in person before leaving my favorite Les Paul in the hands of a stranger. I introduced myself to Joel Amsden, the owner, and told him that I needed to have a custom bone nut and locking tuning heads installed. He was very pleasant and showed me his step-by-step process for modifying my guitar. His knowledge and attention to detail won me over in less than a minute. It was obvious that he had a full workload, but he happily spent 20 minutes thoroughly addressing all my questions and concerns. He had my guitar finished the very next day and even called me once to offer a solution to a problem regarding my modifications that I hadn’t foreseen. He also reused the set of strings I had on the guitar, which were almost new. All in all I’m elated to have found Joel’s shop and will no longer be taking my equipment to the corporate Guitar Center. I’d also like to note that the prices at Kennebec Instrument & Amplifier are much lower than Guitar Center’s! Thanks, Joel!

Keep up the good work, man! See you next time.

—Matt Covert

Over the years, I have had my equipment repaired or updated by various technicians, some good, some not so good. Several months ago, I took one of my amps in to Kennebec Instrument & Amplifier. Joel did a fantastic job on repairing my amp. It was done in a timely manner and done with precision. I was impressed enough that I took in one on my Fender guitars to have it tweaked. It now plays better than it did when it came from the factory. Joel does outstanding work for a fair and reasonable charge. Kennebec Instrument & Amplifier does it all: from repairs to many different types of amps and instruments to building amps, cabs, and guitars to your specifications. Please give them a try. It will be worth your while!

—Dusty Nelson