Why should you have fret work done?

All fretted instruments are subject to fret wear. This wear has adverse affects on the performance of your instrument. As the wear gets worse, symptoms such as buzzing, intonation issues, and poor playability become more severe. Additionally, there are several other reasons you may need to have fret work done: if the neck is twisted or warped, if the frets become unseated in their slots, or if the frets sustained damage.

We also do many re-frets that are for upgrading purposes: changing the radius of your playing surface, or upgrading to a different size of fret wire for personal taste. Many people upgrade to stainless steel frets for their superior playability, tone and longevity. If you are interested in having any fretwork done, check out the services we offer below!

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Fret Dressing

Fret dressing is an interim option for an instrument that has worn frets but still possess substantial fret height, and a relatively straight and true neck.

Fret dressing is the process of leveling, crowning, shaping, and buffing the frets. K.I.A. has proprietary dressing processes that yield superior results. Instruments with divots in the frets, excessive buzzing, or intonation problems are all good candidates for a fret dressing. A setup is included in the price.

Regular Price: $150

Fret Replacement

When an instrument has fret wear that cannot be corrected by a dressing, a re-fret is the solution.

This is the process of removing the old frets, truing and resurfacing the fingerboard, installing new frets, and dressing the new frets using our proprietary dressing process. Typically, the nut will need to be replaced due to the increased height of the new frets.

Regular Price: $400 (includes materials and tax)

Stainless Steel Re-Fret

Factory frets are made of a nickel-copper alloy that is soft and prone to corrosion. The tonal characteristics are average, and the resistance to wear is minimal. Major manufacturers use this material because it is inexpensive and easy to work with.

Stainless steel is a superior fret material. The tone, playability, longevity, appearance, and value are unmatched. If you want your guitar to sound, play, and look its best, and if you never want to think about fret maintenance ever again, stainless steel is the right choice for you.

Regular Price: $450 (includes materials and tax)

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